I had an InBody scan done yesterday at my gym. They offer it as a one-time free service. I went in with very low expectations. And, I came out of it impressed as hell!

Basically, you stand on the gizmo machine and that’s all there is to it. And, it amazes me the data that this simple little procedure reveals.

Here’s some of what I learned.

Body Composition Analysis

My weight is 181 and my height is 6’3″. I knew that part already.

The total amount of water in my body is 112 pounds.

My dry lean mass (for building muscles and strengthening bones) is 40.1 pounds.

My body fat mass for storing excess energy is 29.3 pounds.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

SMM Skeletal Muscle Mass 85.1

Body Fat Mass 29.3

Percent Body Fat 16.1

Segmental Lean Analysis

He told me it all looks good except for my trunk. In specific, TRANSVERSE ABDOMINALS. So, this is something I need to investigate. I need to learn more about how to strengthen the transverse abdominals.

Additional things the trainer told me

“Your core is really strong!”

IT bands are tight.

Pelvis tilting forward. Loosen hip flexors.

Pelvis posterior tilt

Nerd neck creates curvature in cervical spine

Lean body mass 152.1 pounds

Basal Metabolic Rate 1861

Further research

I need to do further research about strengthening transverse abdominals and IT bands and pelvis tilt.

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