My Spinal Fusion Rehab – Day 1

So, I already discussed some introductory thoughts about my rehabilitation including the enormous mistake I made prior to surgery (being unprepared).

5 1/2 hour surgery that was problem free

So, I’m told my fusion surgery took about 5 1/2 hours and occurred without any problems or complicating incident.

That’s what they told me.

Now, the first thing I remember from my new life post-fusion is that Dr. Cortez woke me up. I believe I was still in the operating room.

I asked him, “Did it go okay?”

“Yes, it went fine,” he said.

The overhead lights stung my eyes, and I closed them. And, it was off to Dreamland again.

I awoke in a hospital room. Nobody was there. A twilight lighting softened everything.

An all-encompassing pain that wasn’t overwhelming…yet

I felt an all-encompassing pain. But, it wasn’t really that overwhelming.

I looked around more and saw a chair about five feet away. I thought, “Let me see if I can go sit in the chair.”

I sort of swung my legs over the bed, stood-up, and limped over to the chair. I sat down.

“Okay,” I thought, “it could be worse!”

In a bit, the nurse entered. “Excellent!” she said. “You’re out of bed!”

Day 1 – anesthesia was still in effect when I awoke

Okay, so here’s what I didn’t know at the time that I’ve since figured out. When I limped over to the chair, I was still under the effects of the anesthesia. In other words, the drug that was used to put me under so I could be cut open and fused: that powerful drug was still circulating in my system and dulling my pain.

This is relevant because, as you’ll see, when the anesthesia completely wore off…things went from bad to…hell during DAY 2 REHAB.