Disclaimer and Warning – Please Read First

I am an honest person. I try to be. I try to honestly relay my experiences. I think I do a pretty good job of it. I don’t believe that anyone in this world is completely honest 100% of the time, but I really do try for a number of reasons. One of which is that it feels good to tell the truth.

I do have academic training up to a Master’s Degree in the psychology field. I mention that only because writing a Master’s Thesis did teach me all about a responsible way to research and present information. And, I use those research methods on this site. I’m not exactly citing all sources in MLA or APA format because…I mean…this is a blog not a dissertation. But, there’s no plagiarism, unattributed quotations, and I do list particular books and sources which were relied upon. I think that’s fair.


I have no medical training or medical expertise. That is my medical disclaimer and warning concerning the information found here.

Then why should you spend any time here?

Because, there’s a huge value in reading an account from a person who actually—in real life—went through something and dealt with it…not in the pages of a book, but in REALITY!

Most surgeons out there—and God bless them!—don’t know what it’s actually like to wake up on a hospital bed after a spinal fusion procedure, for example.

This website also details my experience with different health problems such as nasal/sinus, teeth stuff, prostrate, and spinal problems. A lot of people will be attracted to the spine/back content in particular, I believe. So…

My qualification for writing about spinal problems, as earlier suggested, is mainly that I’m an honest person who lived with spine/back problems for years and then ACTUALLY GOT A SPINAL FUSION surgery. And, I attempt to honestly relay my experience with that.

My experience was basically a good one: albeit difficult and painful as hell…especially at first. I tell my tale. But, there are plenty of people who have negative spinal fusion tales of their own. Because things basically turned out well for me DOES NOT mean that they will for you.

Things can and sometimes do go very damn wrong with spine surgery. You sign a bunch of disclaimers and forms before surgery. The forms state that things could possibly go very wrong! I want to emphasize that part.

Do not think that since I had a spinal fusion surgery that gave me a second chance at life that your experience will be the same!

I am not the spinal fusion evangelist!

As mentioned, I know that this surgery can go wrong! In my case, I was quite literally at my rope’s end. I simply couldn’t go on living with the pain as my mobility rapidly declined. Prior to my surgery, I was about to order a walker and a wheelchair was probably in my future.

On this website, I just honestly relay MY experience with spine surgery and everything else.