Now, in an effort at thoroughness, I want to state that I don’t recall having much back pain or problems from ages 0 – 11.

I have been told that my spinal problems were both congenital and degenerative.

That’s a medical-lingo way of saying two things: 1. I was born with a spine that—simply by my genetics DNA—was prone to have problems (congenital). 2. That with passing time my spinal condition got worse.

During this time period, my dad was sort of a caring guy…well, also somewhat of a nasty son of a bitch also…but, I do remember him giving me some back rubs when I was a young kid.

Other than that, I didn’t have back problems yet during this part of early childhood.

That would soon change.

Read about my first experience of back pain occurring at the age of 12.

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