This is something I think about quite a lot. I’ve thought about this issue for many years, truth be told.

It could be called: Delaying medical care because of fear.

Or, it could be described as: Avoiding doctor’s analysis because you’re scared of hearing bad health news.

It’s sort of like the classic situation of someone who finds a lump somewhere but isn’t going to get an exam for fear that it’s cancerous.

Or, some years back there used to be a lot of talk about AIDS. You don’t hear much talk about AIDS anymore. But, it used to be a big topic. I guess there’s something of a treatment now that I understand is pretty effective?

But, anyway…it used to be that some people would get an AIDS test. And, a lot of people wouldn’t get the AIDS test because they were scared that it would tell they they had AIDS.

The Google suggest thingamajig is telling me that fear of getting tested for stds is a popular search. This is the same conceptually as the other examples.

I see this page: Anyone else scared to go to the doctor out of fear of bad news?

I can relate to that. And, I know that I’m not alone. As discussed above, people are scared of getting bad news. That seems very human and understandable to me.

But, I also know that this is a really immature and stupid approach. And, it makes me wonder how I’m this age and still so stupid and immature.

I know very well that avoiding the doctor IS NOT going to solve anything. I KNOW THAT! In the case of things like cancer, it’s said that early detection can go a long way.

For many years, I was afraid to go to the dentist. Really. And, God knows that avoidance wasn’t the answer. To be completely fair, I couldn’t really afford much treatment, but the real problem is I just was scared to go. It’s hard to admit these things. But, I think it’s healthy to admit them.


This life…it ain’t easy.

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