My Spinal Fusion Story – Hopes for the rest of my life

So, now that I’m about at the one-year post surgery milestone…and, all things considered I’m feeling pretty good…it’s really unbelievable…


I had so much fear, anxiety and apprehension prior to the surgery. And, I’m living the best case scenario. Dr. Cortez told me that he’d be able to get a significant reduction in my pain. And, that’s exactly what he did! There have even been some days when I’ve felt that he completely eradicated all of my lumbar pain…I’m not making this up!

On some days, I—and, it’s almost impossible to believe—have virtually no lumbar pain. I mean, honestly…there are days when I feel better than I did at the age of seventeen.

But, most of the time I have a low-level sort of stiff/soreness combo. I say to myself, “Hell, even if you didn’t have a fusion…you’re still 50, man! You’d still have some stiffness and soreness.”

I want to emphasize something. There are lots and lots of stories on the Internet and elsewhere about spinal fusion surgeries that didn’t turn out like mine. There are quite a few horror stories. And, I do believe them. I don’t think anyone’s got any deceptive reason to make Internet posts about a spinal fusion that didn’t go well.

And, when you think about it…you’re getting cut open and they’re drilling into your vertebrae and…you get the idea! It’s not hard to imagine something going wrong!

I just want to add that information because I don’t want anyone getting the impression that since my fusion went so well that therefore theirs will.

For one thing, they tell me that I was on the young side for a fusion. And, apparently they say that this helps recovery. And, as I’ve been saying: MY RECOVERY WAS BRUTAL!

Okay, my post-fusion hopes for the rest of my life…

Part of me is sort of terrified of the other shoe dropping. In some ways, I almost feel like I’m just waiting for it to drop. I mean: it’s like the whole thing seems too good to be true, and I’m expecting the old pain to return. And, that could happen!

So, my hope for the rest of my life is that the fusion surgery holds-up and I don’t need to have any adjustments to it or new back surgery. I’m hoping to live out the rest of my life without severe pain. I WANT TO STAY OUT OF A WHEELCHAIR!

I mean…I was on the verge of needing a wheelchair, and my sympathy with anyone in those circumstances. But, I want to stay mobile. I want to be able to walk and shoot baskets and go swimming.

I mainly just want to maintain the present level of health I have presently.

I’m very thankful to God, the universe and Dr. Cortez.

I am aware of my good fortune.