My Spinal Fusion Rehab – Day 5

On Day 5 the pain level was still absolutely ridiculous. I still forced myself out of bed and walked the hallway.

I got them to bring me the supplies so I could shave in my bed. You know, I don’t want to sound angry, but it would have been really damn nice if somebody suggested to me, “Hey, how’d you like it if I brought you a shaving kit and wet washcloth so you can get yourself cleaned-up a bit right here in bed?”

Yea, that would have been nice.

I definitely was thinking crooked. Those pain medications: do not underestimate just how severely they’ll tweak your thought processes. The pain pills had my mind really screwed-up. I was a mess.

Anyway, Dr. Cortez knew I was in bad shape, but he said that there really wasn’t much more they could do for me at the hospital.

So, a man wheeled my downstairs and mother’s car pulled up outside.

So, I went home.

Things were just getting started. And, soon would be horrific.

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