My Spinal Fusion Rehab – Week 5 – Week 8

5 weeks start physical therapy

I believe it was at about the five week mark that I started physical therapy. I loved that process. The physical therapists were great, young folks. They helped me tremendously! They have my endless gratitude.

This post ends at the 2 month mark

So, this little post here concerns what my post-surgery rehab was like ending at the two month mark.

I grouped it this way because the pain of the fusion surgery most certainly went past the two month mark! Believe me it went past the two week mark! The pain from the fusion surgery persists until today at the 14 month mark!

The most major, post-surgery pain is done by the 2 month mark also

BUT, the major pain…the truly horrific part, for me, wraps up at about the two month (8 week) mark. No doubt your mileage most likely will vary A LOT! Hell, you might not experience the same level of horrific pain I did. You might have had a very different type of operation. There are some people who get a fusion for one herniated disc L5-S1, and that’s it. And, let’s say they lived a pretty clean life. I could see their rehab and experience going much better than mine.

And, likewise, I imagine things could go much much worse for somebody. I’ve read accounts of people who actually had disastrous experiences with spinal fusion surgery. In some cases, people report that their pain was actually permanently worse after the fusion.

I had been taking Oxycodone all this time: as needed…and, I needed them often! I WAS NOT abusing these pain pills! I emphasize that. I’ve had friends who have died from these types of drugs, and I was truly taking them as prescribed. And, I want to warn everyone that they’re highly addictive. And, be careful!

I know I keep repeating that part, but that’s because it’s very important to me that if I can help somebody understand this…if I can play some role in what I’ve heard referred to as “harm reduction”…well, I’d like to do my part, if possible. And, along those lines…

Day 37 – Last Oxycodone

On Day 37 I took my last Oxycodone. And, I vowed that I wouldn’t take them any longer. I wouldn’t call the doctor and ask for another prescription. I could have. He would have written it. But, as mentioned, I’m mindful to not fall into this addictive trap of abuse.

I felt I could get by without them at that point. And, I have. I still do use Alleve. You better believe I use some Alleve, which is what they call Naproxen sodium. And, it’s the strongest thing I take now. And, I don’t take it every day!

I do believe in combining a good diet with a few vitamins.

And, I’ve been praying and hoping for the best.

My rehab past Week 8

…has definitely had its share of challenges. And, there have been plenty of ouchies and flare-ups along the way. But, for the most part, making it through the first 8 weeks was the most difficult period. As of today, I’m feeling pretty damn good all things considered. And, I’m very happy and thankful that I was fortunate enough to receive a two-level fusion in August 2020. Thank you, God.