Prednisone tablets

So, it’s in the title: 4th day back on Prednisone today on November 19, 2021.

I see on Nov. 8, 2021 I say that the inflammation is finally going down. And, that was the case. And, I stopped taking classes because of the inflammation. So, I’ve been going to the gym daily but taking it a lot easier in there than previously. I must accept my physical limitations and situation even though sometimes that’s hard. I need to be thankful for what I have and what I can do!

But, about a week back I got sick of this inflammation just lingering and lingering so I got the Prednisone prescription.

The thing I’ve learned about lumbar gluteal type inflammation…

Is that it can really really really fucking linger! I mean it amazes me the way it can just stick around for six weeks! I’m like: why won’t you subside already!

This is maybe the 4th time I’ve gone through the Prednisone since surgery 15 months ago.

“Damn, this stuff works!”

And, I had the same thought that I always have when I take the Prednisone for a few days: “Damn, this stuff works!”

It really does! It does give me some concern about the general lowering of the immune system etc. I’m not an expert on that, but it seems like it’s in your best interest for your immune system to be at its healthy level.

But, anyway…I wanted to use the Prednisone because in a way it’s sort of like “a reset.” Time alone doesn’t always get me to the reset, baseline.

So, that’s that.

Cpap posts coming soon

I also used my CPAP machine for the first time last night. Actually just got the CPAP machine yesterday. I’ll be sharing that experience here also for anybody interested. I’ll say this: we’re off to a good start. The dentist also told me I had four little cavities. That was frustrating. I’ll say more about that later.

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