Can somebody tell me about a quality product at a good price that tracks your sleep?

I know there’s gizmos these days that will track how many times you wake up at night and when you fall asleep and how much you actually slept and what your heart rate was like and all this stuff.

I would like one of these gizmos exclusively for the purpose of monitoring my sleep apnea. In particular, I’d like to know how many times I’m waking up at night. I’m getting the CPAP in about a month. And, I’d like to monitor my sleeping (then and now, for that matter).

I know some of these gizmos require a subscription to a cloud-based service…and, if possible, I’d like to try and avoid that type of thing. I don’t need to save the data. I just want to know how many times that my sleep apnea woke me up.

I’m wondering what gizmo best balances quality with price.

Any ideas?