So, one of the tough things, I think, about being in a Medicaid situation in the USA is that you sometimes get treated like a second-class or third-class citizen. You get the feeling that if you had “real” insurance connected (for whatever reason) to a job that you’d be getting treated better.

That’s at least a feeling I’ve had many times.

In the back of my mind I’m always thinking: oh, you’re getting treated jerky because of the Medicaid part.

Point in case: as I was writing this, I just got a call from…

Nevermind….it’s all so aggravating.

You might be thinking: Don’t get aggravated so easily ya snowflake.

Maybe you’re right…but, this really has been going on for a while now…

So, earlier I drove over to the doctor’s office. That would be the doctor who’s not returning my calls. I figured, let’s go directly to the source and try and make something happen.

I told a woman at the office: “Tri-county medical needs the doctor to send the prescription so I can pick up the CPAP machine. Prior authorization was approved.”

The woman was snappy about how she’s “with a patient and I won’t be able to and blah blah.”

I said, “Look, I’m not looking for an argument. I’m just tryyyyying to get this CPAP machine!”

Life in the USA.