This is a research question for me…all things being equal: why do I have to urinate so much more frequently some days?

This is really difficult to figure out. I think about the variables: which include obvious things such as how much coffee/beverages were consumed. I think about other variables like vitamins, drugs, foods…

And, I can’t figure out why some days I might have to pee three times one hour while the next day I won’t have to urinate for five hours….

I haven’t a clue!


The term for excessive urination volume is polyuria. The term for excessive peeing at night is nocturia. I think actually I’m more plauged with nocturia because I wake up and have to pee…and, I mean…I have to pee BAD.

I’m going to have to go to the urologist…or any doctor that deals with prostate/peeing stuff. Like a lot of people, this prospect causes me tremendous anxiety probably due to the possibility of getting very bad news that’s frightenting (e.g. cancer or something like that).

It’s not a very mature/adult like approach to not do something because you’re scared of the possibilities!

Medical causes of excessive urination volume

Excessive urine output can sometimes signal health problems, including:

bladder infection (common in children and women)
urinary incontinence
interstitial nephritis
kidney failure
kidney stones
psychogenic polydipsia, a mental disorder causing excessive thirst
sickle cell anemia
enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (most common in men over 50 years old)
certain kinds of cancer

UPDATE: I’m leaning towards thinking that it might be the green tea supplement that’s causing the increased urination. I noticed one morning I took the green tea supplement then went to the gym. I noticed that I had to urinate every ten minutes, and I felt alarmed. But, the little light bulb went up above my head about how I took the green tea pill.