So, a few days back I got dizzy and light-headed while doing some body weight squats. And, I set out to figure it out a bit…to figure out why I got light-headed and how to do squats but avoid that dangerous feeling that I might actually black-out and fall over.

So, why did I get dizzy.

The Googling around I did suggested that your blood pressure can drop while standing up, which in turn creates less blood flow to the brain, which in turn makes you dizzy. Additionally, I take Tamsulosin, and it appears that can also lower your blood pressure. So, that’s a bit of a double whammy, if you will.

I also do this morning exercise session in a fasted state. A trainer over there mentioned that this could be a contributing cause because blood sugar is low.

So, at this moment, I’d probably attribute the dizzy while squatting to four factors:

1. The very act of standing-up which can cause a drop in blood pressure
2. A side-effect, so to speak, of the Tamsulosin.
3. Low blood sugar (as a result of lifting while in a “fasted state.”
4. Additionally, it appears that being dehydrated can also cause a light-headed feeling, see this.

“You may become dehydrated if you’re overheated, if you aren’t eating or drinking enough, or if you’re sick. Without enough fluids, the volume of your blood goes down, lowering your blood pressure and keeping your brain from getting enough blood, causing lightheadedness.”

(Also, notice in the same link that leads to the quotation above there is also an interesting semantic distinction made “Dizziness: How it’s different from lightheadedness”)

So, I can’t do much about the first two things on the list.

I mean, after all, if I didn’t do the first thing (standing-up) then I wouldn’t have the light-headed experience in the fist place! But, the point is that consensus seems to hold that squats are one of the best exercises a human can do. (Some argue the very best, but…that doesn’t matter.) The point is I consider body weight (and with light kettlebells) squats to be a very important part of my fusion rehab.

About the Tasulosin, that’s for enlarged prostate, so I can’t stop taking that. But, I can eat a banana and drink a bottle of water an hour before doing this exercise.

Sounds reasonable.
What do you think?

Today, after eating a substantial breakfast, I did a few sets holding an eight pound dumbbell, and I didn’t get dizzy. But, I also didn’t push it super hard, either.