Today, I decided to try something new at the gym and do 4 sets of 25 body weight squats.

Normally, I do sets of 10 and begin with a 5 pound kettlebell. I then increase by 5 pounds until I max out at 25 pounds. And, this usually goes pretty well.

So, I was trying the new approach of 4 sets of 25 with no weights. On the third set, I got dizzy and light-headed. I felt afraid that I might pass out and fall over.

So, I stopped. I sat down on the weight bench.

And, I said, “Enough for today!”

It appears that this experience might be related to a drop in blood pressure that occurs to some when standing up from a squatting position.

Additionally, I do take Tamsulosin, which it appears can cause a drop in blood pressure. So, this is something for me to look into and think about.