Magic Spoon four cereal boxes

Magic Spoon Review

Great Magic Spoon Marketing! So, the starting point for this Magic Spoon cereal  review is recognizing their remarkable marketing campaign! These days  I can’t peep a YouTube video without the YouTuber soliloquizing about the magnificence of Magic Spoon! Everywhere I click there’s somebody raving about the wonders of Magic Spoon cereal. Well, the marketing worked! …

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spinal fusion x-ray 14 months after surgery

Pinpointing pain has gotten tricky

November 1, 2021 All the hip muscles First look at this diagram.. So, before I had a lumbar fusion, it was extremely easy for me to explain why I was experiencing pain. All the imaging and analysis had been completed. I could very confidently say, “I’ve got lower back pain—along with some other weirdness—because I …

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three gluteus muscles

Stretches for gluteus to reduce pain hopefully

October 20, 2021 Where’s the pain around waist coming from… the origin? Lately I’ve been having…I’m going to call it a revelation…that my pain around the waist might be primarily attributed to soreness in the gluteus muscles…in plain language, when people talk about pain in the gluteus: they’re referring to your butt. According to Wikipedia: …

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