Oh geez.

The doctor said my good cholesterol was VERY GOOD.

And, she said my bad cholesterol was VERY VERY VERY BAD.

And, I listened on the phone feeling confused.

I felt like I had cleaned my diet up pretty good. I’m exercising daily. I don’t really snack or eat much fast food or anything.

Yet, my bad cholesterol was so Goddamn terribly bad.

And, she prescribed some type of medication.

Then, I started thinking. And, I thought about all the fish oil I take. I’ve been doing an experiment where I take a huge amount of fish oil. Twelve capsules a day.

And, yes indeed. Fish oil is extremely high in cholesterol.

But, now I don’t know what to do.

(Well, I threw the huge jug of fish oil capsules away. That damn sale at Costco where I got the huge fish jug for seven dollars. I would have been better off if I skipped that one. Anyway, I think I’ve been overdoing it with the vitamins, generally speaking. I’ve made big changes concerning all the vitamins. My vitamin D level was also sky high, but that’s another story. I fucking totally overdid it with the Vitamin D also. She told me to stop taking it for the rest of the year…)

Should I not take the cholesterol medication?

I haven’t been taking it.

I have a difficult time talking to my doctor. Maybe it’s because it’s a Medicaid type scenario. But, anyway…I can’t get in touch with her. One of the tags on here is “ignored by doctor.”

I don’t really know what to do.

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