I got my CPAP machine on November 18, 2021. And, on January 24, 2022 I had a CPAP check-up. I’m not sure what to call the appointment. I’ll just call it a check-up to receive a progress report.

So, the doctor…This might seem like a harsh judgment, but it’s business as usual at a doctor’s appointment: which is to say, nonchalant and rushed.

I almost always have this feeling with most doctors. The sense that they don’t care. The sense that you’re scheduled for 5 minutes.

Anyway, he says to me, “You’re leaking!”

Then, he proceeds to show me a chart that displays the number of apneas per hour in a bar graph.

“What does that mean?” I ask.

“Well, you used to have around 27 apneas an hour and now you’re down to 2 or 3.”

“So, the CPAP machine’s working?”


“So, although it’s not working right…the leaking…it’s still working.”


So, as you can see…what am I to make of this?

I’m using the Resmed Airtouch F20 mask size large. I was previously using size medium, and it definitely wasn’t a case of “comfort meeting convenience.” It was pinching the Goddamn hell out of my nose and a miserable experience. So, I switched to the large size. And, apparently that’s leaking. But, apparently…it’s still working.

Anyway, I ask him what I should do.

He says that I can switch to the FP Vitera mask and give that a try. So, that’s what I’m doing. I called up Young’s Medical… and, they’re going to send me both a large and medium…I think.

A selling point, it appears, is that it “offers multiple leak-prevention functions, allows freedom of movement throughout the night, and its slimmer frame opens your line of sight.”

Okay. If you say so…I don’t see how much freedom of movement one can maintain while having a  hose connected to his mouth, but…you if you say so…

One major difference I notice is that the Vitera has the upper straps going across your forehead while the Resmed straps are beneath your eyes. The across the forehead method strikes me as a better idea, but we’ll see.

Check back for the progress report. I am updating this blog when there are new developments.