Something that merits a post is definitely a comparison/discussion of Afrin and Fluticasone. I have some thoughts on this topic that might help somebody…that is if anybody is ever able to find this website.

So, I’ve been using Fluticasone…let’s just call it Flonase for ease…I’ve been using Flonase for…over a year now…and, I know that it doesn’t help me much…sometimes it makes things worse it seems…but, I’m an idiot that’s desperate…so, I always end up giving it another try. I said I was an idiot. I suppose another word for that is optimist.


So, my main contribution to this discussion is that I’m a guy with chronic nasal congestion…the doctors ruled out allergies…I got prescribed Flonase…and, as mentioned, it really didn’t help… BUT…

I tried Afrin, and it works for me.

So, that’s the first thing I have to contribute: Afrin can work for an individual who had bad results with Flonase.

My fear with using Afrin is what they call rebound congestion if you use it more than 3 days in a row.

THIS is the part that most interests me from that link:

One study looked at the concurrent use of oxymetazoline and fluticasone to determine if they could augment the response of each on congestion. It compared three treatment groups: placebo, oxymetazoline alone, and fluticasone with oxymetazoline.

In this study, oxymetazoline was used for longer than the recommended duration of three days. Nasal air volume was significantly higher in the group using both oxymetazoline and fluticasone. It was also noted that rebound congestion was not present, suggesting that effect with oxymetazoline alone should be studied further. Your healthcare provider can help determine which product(s) are best for you.

So, this is damn interesting to me.

For one thing: I haven’t yet experienced rebound congestion because I’ve used Afrin so sparingly. However, I’ve concluded that the Afrin works SO DAMN WELL that I want to use it a lot more.

Thus, I am concerned…I would like to try to avoid the rebound congestion. That sounds like a nightmare.

So…I do have a prescription for the fluticasone. Hell, I’ve got like six bottles of the stuff in my closet because I stopped using it but kept on picking-up the prescriptions because…I don’t know…anyway.

So, starting on maybe December 11, 2021, I started using both the Afrin and Flonase together because of the block quote above about that study….I’d love it to avoid this rebound congestion and just be able to breathe through my nose on a regular basis.

That’s it.