November 29, 2021

So, I just completed the latest course of Prednisone. As I’ve discussed before, I’ve gone through the Prednisone scripts maybe four times or so since I had the major back surgery in August 2020. That was now 15.5 months ago.

I’ll tell you, the more post-surgery time I get under my belt the better I feel: both physically and psychologically. Passing the first year milestone was the toughest and seemed to take the longest. Now, I’m going to blink and before you know it I’ll actually be at 1.33 years.

So, anyway…on this blog I’ve documented flare-ups in the lumbar and gluteal muscles…I’ve discussed finding that fine line between exercising the right amount and overdoing it (to the point of a flare-up). And, it really is quite a fine line!

If you don’t move: YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS! If you move too much: YOU WILL HAVE FLARE-UP!

So, finding that fine line!

Anyway, this is how the Prednisone works…it’s a steroid that reduces inflammation by lowering your immune system. I ain’t  a doctor, but that’s how I understand it. But, this much I can tell you: THIS SHIT WORKS! Every time. And, it amazes me just how effective this Prednisone magic is!

I mean, I try to ride out the inflammation naturally, and I’m limping through life for like 6 weeks! So, I give up…get the prescription. Then, this is how you take it:

4 tabs daily x 3 days

3 tabs daily x 3 days

2 tabs daily x 3 days

1 tab daily x 3 days

So, all told you’re taking a total of 30 tablets over a 12 day period.

And, it works!