Well, what can I say except it amazes me how well this anti-inflammatory pill works for me!

If you’ve looked at this site at all you know that I had a major back surgery 15 months ago. It was a two level fusion from s4->L1. And, I must have been in pretty bad shape because when it was over I was actually 1.5 inches taller.

Horrific pain post back surgery

And, I was in horrific pain when the surgery was over also. That’s the part that really surprised me! I figured it would be bad…but, I didn’t know it would be THAT BAD.

So, that was 15 months ago, and my rehab started the day I woke-up in the hospital post-surgery. And, that rehab will be ongoing for as long as I’m here on earth.

Pain flare-ups

Now, with that introductory stuff out of the way…sometimes, I feel pretty damn good. And, sometimes, I have lower lumbar flare-ups that can be strongly unpleasant. It’s nowhere near as bad as before surgery. But, it can get pretty unpleasant. And, the unpleasant part is because these flare-ups just linger FOR. SO. DAMN. LONG. Really: it can go on for 6 fucking weeks. Or longer, as what’s happening now.

Prednisone for flare-up relief

And, I try to put off calling the surgeon’s office. But, sometimes the pain just won’t go away and I ask for the Prednisone. And, it works!

I try to take this medication as infrequently as possible because it changes how the immune system works. And, I’m not a doctor or anything close…don’t take this to be a medical opinion…it’s just that anything that’s messing around with the immune system…I’d like to use it only when really necessary.

But, these Prednisone pills sure do work for me! There’s no denying that.

I wonder if the day will come when I don’t have any more flare-ups.

I don’t know.