November 1, 2021

You know, if my insurance will cover it…and, I don’t know that it will…getting back into PT for a bit would probably be a great idea…

I think I could benefit a lot from just a couple sessions. So, even if insurance didn’t cover it, I could probably manage to pay for it myself.

So, why do I think it would be good for me to do a little bit more PT?

Mainly in an educational sense…for instance, if you see this post about how pinpointing lumbar pain etc. has gotten tricky: well, I think PT could help me figure out that issue.

Then, I think they could help me figure out a program to follow… these things are always changing…I’ve figured out good programs on my own that more or less worked and so forth…but, I find myself in a different position now.

1. Figure out the muscles and source of pain better

2. Figure out exercise program.

I think PT could help with both of those things. I’ll need to call the doctor tomorrow and see if they’ll approve that. I should also ask for a Prednisone prescription while I’m at it.