For me, October 2021 will go down as Ouchtober,

Around October 5, what I presume (HOPE!) was inflammatory pain originating from gluteus etc. starting thumping away. And, this pain (especially focused around butt and above butt) pretty much kept thumping through all of October. You wake up and wonder, “Is this going to go away?”

And, come the end of October, it started to wane. But, it’s still there.

But, the lesson here…the thing that might help somebody who may stumble across this some day is to know that the pain CAN LINGER…and, it can LINGER FOR QUITE A WHILE without it meaning you have a catastrophic problem. It can just be inflammation of soft tissue, muscle and the like…it doesn’t have to mean that the bones were harmed in any manner.

Usual disclaimer about not being a doctor, etc.