One of the things about doing this type of pain diary is that…well, the way pain works is sometimes really strange. And, this type of diary lets you really see that clearly.

I’ll give you an example. The inflammatory ouchie lumbar bullshit pain started-up October 5, 2021 and slowly started ramping itself up. Yesterday, October 25, 2021, I talk about the pain still being there but I can suddenly feel it fading on the 25th. Really strange how these sensations work. It’s kind of amazing…the way you can tell pain is “fading.”

I said this just yesterday:

I know I first started minor feeling it on October 5, 2021. And, on October 7 I was at the surgeon, and I told him my pain level was at a 2.5.

Truth is…that what I’m at right now is probably a 3 maybe, and I think the pain peaked at maybe a 3.5.

This is, of course, an awkward and imprecise way of doing this.

And, today I woke up and the pain was suddenly at about a .75. So, damn strange how that works! It hums along pretty good…the pain that is…the pain hums along pretty good for like 3 weeks…then, you wake up and it’s mostly gone. Weird. But, I’ve been through this before. And, I’m sure this won’t be the last time.

But, I think I may be a bit more careful this time in respect to some of the classes.