Oct. 13, 2021

A week off from the gym

After taking about a week off of the exercise routine due to lumbar soreness and pain, I went back in…all I did was some very easy going walking for about an hour…both on the treadmill and around the court…then basketball shooting…all easy going…

Knee pain now

I’m now experiencing some pain in the right knee on top of everything else.

I’m going to attribute the knee pain to overdoing it with the classes.

With some sadness…

It’s with a small measure of sadness that I realize I must bow out of the classes. They were fun.

My old man routine…

I think I’ll have to stick with my old man routine where I easy-going walk and shoot baskets and hop-up to the pull-up bar and do some squats a couple times a week.


You got to accept where you’re at in life! You must accept the body you’re stuck with…but, it’s still with some sadness that I discover these limitations. I was thinking that the spinal fusion…a big part of my motivation for getting it was so I could DO STUFF!

But, I’ve got to accept my reality and be thankful for what I can do.

Still, it does hit me hard to think I can’t do too much in the way of classes. I enjoyed the process and being part of a group exercising. The communal aspect is appealing.

Oh, well.

Researching knee stuff

The thing I need to research now concerns possible causes of knee pain. Before I take a deep-dive into that…I think I’ll wait before really looking into that…I think it’s possible this knee pain might simply go away if I stop taking these classes.

Time will tell.