One thing that’s frustrating as hell is getting ignored by the doctor. You make a call. No response. You make another call to the doctor’s office. You leave another message. No response. So, you try again.

Have you ever been in this situation?

The CPAP machine folks say they need a bit more information from my doctor. I left a couple messages. Still no CPAP machine.

What’s the problem?

I know when you’re in a Medicaid type situation and you live in the USA: you’ve got problems to begin with. And, you can expect to sometimes be treated in a second-class sort of way. I’m not saying this is nonstop. I’m not saying that there’s not friendliness and good people along the Medicaid healthcare journey. There are!

But, it’s more like your right to complain and object is somewhat restrained. I mean, after all, you’re not really paying for the service.

Does any of that make sense? Is there anyone who used a Medicaid type of service that has had a similar experience?

It gets frustrating as hell.

The thing I’m wondering is…why did you have me already go through all the expensive procedures if you’re not going to ultimately get me the machine?

I already did the home sleep study. I did the hospital sleep study. I did the allergy test. Why have we already invested this amount of money only to delay getting the actual machine to me?

Very frustrating.