So, if you’ve been scheduled for a sleep apnea study, you may be wondering what to expect. I recently participated in a sleeps study. Below I’m including the email I received because it might help you to better mentally prepare for yours.

I’m also, at the end, including a few more thoughts about things to bring and how to prepare for your sleep study.

I know that, for whatever reason, I was feeling a sense of anxiety prior to my sleep study. I don’t know why except I’m human, I guess. And, I felt some nervousness. But, there’s truly nothing to be nervous about.

It was all pretty simple and the nurse who helped me was SUPER COOL! You know, it’s amazing what a tremendous difference having a great nurse makes in all hospital experiences. They have the power to make it a glorious or terrible experience. In this case, she made it a wonderful experience. Thank you!

So, here’s the prep info:

The Instructions I Received By Email

Arrive at 7:30pm for your Sleep Study.
Please call at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Each private room features a full-size bed, TV with remote controls, in room private bath/shower and wheelchair accessibility. Upon arrival, our staff will show you your room and discuss expectations. You may relax, watch TV or read prior to going to bed. Wires will be attached to you to monitor things such as heart rate, nasal and oral airflow, oxygen levels, brainwave activity and respirations. When you go to bed, these wires are connected to a computer for monitoring.

Tests Types:
a. ANS (All Night Sleep Study): Diagnostic Sleep Study
b. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Study): Treatment of sleep apnea
c. SPLIT (combination of ANS and CPAP Study): Diagnostic sleep study with initiation of CPAP, if clinically indicated
• Wash and dry hair thoroughly before the test. Hair oils, sprays and conditioners may alter the test results. Please put nothing on your hair after washed and dried.
• Please remove wig/weave for study.
• Remove all dark colored fingernail polish.
• You may eat normally before coming for the test. However, no alcohol or caffeine (soda, coffee or tea) beginning after lunch. Also, no naps for the day either.
• If you are presently taking medications, continue to do so unless you have been instructed otherwise. Please bring a list of all medications with you.
Ordered Medication: If your physician has ordered a sedative for your sleep study, please bring the sedative with you to the Sleep Center in the original prescription bottle. Do not take the sedative at home. All non-sedative medications should be taken before arrival to the Sleep Center.
• Please bring pajamas, shorts and a tee shirt or something comfortable to sleep in. Also, you may want to bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, pillow, hairdryer or a book to read.
• Bring insurance cards and driver/photo ID.

A follow-up visit will be made by you, the patient, with the sleep specialist and/or family physician to review the results of the study.You will receive your results from the ordering physician within 7-10 business days.

We look forward to seeing you at your Sleep Study.

A Few More Suggested Things To Consider Bringing

So, I might add just a couple things to this preparation list. I’d suggest you also bring along some slippers or flip flops. And, you should also, of course, bring along your phone AND YOUR CHARGER! In my case, because of my back surgery, I brought my special big pillow. You might want to bring a special pillow.

Aside from that, you don’t need much. You’re basically going to sleep.