Here is my morning routine that I came up with on November 4, 2020:

eat breakfast
take pills and vitamins
read news, check calendar, check weather
shower, shave, teeth, shampoo
stretching routine
check email

Nine months later, I’d say this routine has served me pretty well.

These days, I don’t actually eat breakfast. I started doing that in an intermittent fasting experiment. The idea was that I wouldn’t eat my first meal until around noon. And, I’d basically just have lunch and dinner: two meals a day with a protein shake here or there. The idea was that I wanted to lose some weight. It worked. That’s a very easy way to lose some pounds I’ve found. Of course, that presumes that you’ve already cleaned-up your eating and have your exercise and sleep wired.

The meditation: I’ve been doing that for years. I can’t imagine not doing morning meditation.

I used to walk around the neighborhood but I now go do that at the gym on the treadmill and around the gymnasium. I don’t do much stretching in the morning anymore because I felt that the stretching was actually getting me sore. I may have to rethink that.

As far as the shower, shave, teeth and shampoo…the only new thing there is I just started doing some Rogaine minoxidil every morning.

Check email: a necessary evil of the modern era!

I should add make bed and straighten living area to this list because that’s also an important thing I do in the morning.

So, that’s what I do every morning. I feel like it’s served me well in a productivity/constructive sense…but, really…it’s just a way to get the day off to a good start.

Did I leave anything important out that you can think of?

If so, please leave it in the comments or also your morning routine.

I’d be curious to hear!