Inositol is a completely legal supplement. Inositol is a sugar that the body makes. It’s also found in foods. And, apparently there’s some scientific evidence and plenty of anecdotal reports that Inositol helps with things like bipolar and OCD.

As I’m unfortunately afflicted with both of those conditions, I’m curious to try it. So, I picked up an affordable botle of NOW Inositol capsules 500 mg. It just arrived. So, I took one.

Day one is April 18, 2023.

I’ll take one a day and finish this bottle. There’s 100 in the bottle. So, it’ll be done in about 3 months. Probably by the end of July 2023.

The OCD—checking rituals, ruminating—is such a nightmare…I’m kind of desperate. I mean…I’m used to it. It’s regular life. But, I’m also so Goddamn sick of it.