November 8, 2021

So, it’s great keeping a sort of pain diary. I suppose this public website is my pain diary.

The good thing is that you can really put things in perspective.

I know it was on October 5, 2021 that I first started feeling just a bit of the inflammatory pain concentrated in the gluteus…but also spreading out from there…my best guess is that this also in some way involved the psoas… I don’t know, though…I”m guessing…

Anyway, it was on October 7th that I had a check-up with the spine surgeon. There won’t be another one for a full year, but that’s another story. And, on the 7th, I told him my pain was a 2.5. And, that’s accurate.

And, that was the pain knocking on the door. Saying hello in a quiet voice. So, from the 7th on, the voice got louder. I got pretty ouchie. I didn’t take any steroids. I decided I just wanted to try and ride it out. So, I stopped taking classes. And, I started going easier at the workouts. In some cases, much easier.

And, starting yesterday…like  a full month since that October 7, 2021 appointment…I finally felt the inflammation was down a lot…it’s hard to explain and talk about these things…but, that was the first day when I said, “Oh, man…it’s about gone. It’s still lingering around, but the wind got zapped from its sails…

It’s really hard to explain these things.

So, this inflammation is no joke. This isn’t the first time I’ve been through this…I’m telling you that inflammation can really linger around! For a long time!

I’m still going sort of easy because I’d rather not go through another month of that for a little bit…

And, I can kind of sense that it wouldn’t take much right now to flare it back up… I can just sort of sense that.

the end

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