So, I’ve been overdoing it a bit. Of course, I didn’t realize I was overdoing it.

I didn’t realize it until the three-muscle gluteus pain started kicking in. AND NOT GOING AWAY!

This is always scary in my post-fusion situation because it makes me scared that there’s a problem with the fusion.

You know, when you shoot a basket, you sort of dip down…squat down…a tiny bit. Well, I shoot a fuck of a lot of basketball. I’d say at least an hour every day.

And, today when shooting a basket…while following the BEEF acronym…it occurred to me that maybe the repetition of that little bend-squat explains why it’s my sort of right ass cheek that’s experiencing more soreness/pain?

Ultimately, you figure out your limits in life the hard way!

And, I’m discovering my limits. Each week I was doing too damn much in the gym!

So, I’m not demonizing basketball. I love basketball! But, after a major back surgery, I probably should have taken it a little bit easier on just how damn much I shoot basketball every week. I thought of it as good rehab that gets the blood moving without killing yourself…and, it is that…but, I just need to take A DAY OFF ONCE IN A WHILE!


And, now the whole gluteus—gluteal muscles—is flared-up and it’s not quickly fading!