Up to this point, this website…well, first of all…it’s called PAINBAD.

I thought that was a good name for a site because everything good seems to be taken (already registered).

So, it was the best thing available that my mind could come up with.

Pain in the physical sense

Anyway, I was thinking about pain mostly in the physical sense. I think this is a very common way to think of pain in the USA.

I’m not saying everybody sees it that way. I’m saying that a lot of people do. When many people in the USA think of pain, the first thought concerns it being a physical experience of the body.

I am generalizing, but I feel I’m on solid ground with this generalization.

Other realms of pain

I want to expand the topics that are discussed on this website.

I’m thinking that physical pain is just one realm of pain.

Psychological pain

I think we can also say that there’s something that could be called PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN.

Would everyone agree that something called psychological pain exists. I think there are a lot of examples that could be given for different types of psychological pain. Let’s give some examples and think about this further.

Specific examples of psychological pain

I think things like experiencing racism could certainly be considered a type of psychological pain. I think we’re discouraged from thinking of racism as being an experience of pain.

I would consider experiences like OCD checking to be a psychological pain.

Additionally, I consider any sort of alienating/alienation experience (condition of life) to most certainly be a psychological pain.

The list, of course, is far more extensive than this…I would think so many psychological problems such as bipolar disorder, basic depression, any variety of phobias and the like could be considered psychological pain.

Spiritual Pain

I believe we could think of SPIRITUAL PAIN as being its own category of pain.

I know many will disagree with this because some folks don’t go for the whole topic of spiritual stuff. And, that’s cool.

But, I think there’s a spiritual realm to this life.

In some cases, the perspective differences can largely be semantic. For instance, I think some folks just aren’t too big on the actual word spiritual but like the general concept.

I would say that we might think of things like loneliness as being a type of spiritual pain.