As I’m doing this blog and making posts: I’m learning.

I’m really learning as I go along. I’m learning as I type out my thoughts. I’m figuring out what I actually think as my fingers hit the keys. I mean that I already know what I think but it’s coming into my conscious awareness as I make these posts.

And, the theme that I keep on returning to is ACCEPTANCE!

Yes, this is the thing I keep realizing again and again that I need to have in order to find happiness in this situation. My capacity is somewhat diminished because of my back and body…but, really it’s my back that has me in a somewhat diminished capacity.

And, I just need to ACCEPT that and be thankful for what I have.

Like the other day I was walking laps and I was overcome with gratitude for simply being able to walk mostly pain-free. This is the perspective that I must always remind myself about when I start feeling resentful or sad about the things I can no longer do.

ACCEPTANCE! I experience that state of mind at times. I want to try and experience the acceptance state of mind more often.

So, I know this might sound a bit corny.

Hell, it sounds a bit corny to me, also!

But, I think there’s something to it.