This is about not wanting to go bald. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone and the shortest version of the story is that it makes your hair drop out of your head and onto the sink.

And, these are some factors that increase a guy’s DHT production.

Creatine supplementing
Resistance/weight training exercise
Anabolic steroids
Testosterone hormone replacement therapy (TRT)

Also of note from the same GQ article:

If you go unchecked but have maintained most of your hair by middle age, then your sensitivity to DHT is probably on the low side, meaning you have a slower rate of male pattern hair loss going on.

That’s encouraging!

And, the GQ article makes some additional suggestions about ways to keep (and or regrow) your hair.

Start by getting good sleep, consistently. Cut back on smoking and drinking…avoid certain medications, like antihypertensives (which prevent high blood pressure complications), hormone treatments (such as thyroid or testosterone hormone replacement), statin drugs, mood modulators (like antidepressants and anti-anxiety agents)…

In addition to behavioral changes, Bauman says you can slow hair loss by taking routine nutritional supplements. He recommends a professional-grade Biotin, called Viviscal Professional or Nutrafol Men…

I noticed this Nutrafol stuff ain’t cheap, but if it works, then perhaps it’s worth it. I’m weary of online reviews, though, to be honest. The Viviscal is much more affordable, I noticed.

On the topic of antidepressants, the more I learn, the more disturbed I feel about them. That’s not to say that there’s not a place for them with a select group of people! It’s just…all the side effects…

There was a time when I was on antidepressants: briefly, because they made me feel weird. But, I also smoked and took creatine at one point in my life also! I had no idea that those things accelerated balding!