Many times I’ll write in a way to emphasize that I’m talking about my personal experience.

In other words, I’m usually inclined to write a title like this: I Find Pain Scary After My Spinal Fusion.

You’ll notice, though, in the present case, I said this: Post Spinal Fusion Pain Is Scary

Not to put too fine a point on this, but I wrote it that way because I believe this is probably universally true for everyone who gets spinal fusion surgery.

I think everyone post-fusion is worried that the procedure went okay. I think every post-fusion patient is anxious that the spinal column fuse successfully. I was reading information about this and about how sometimes this doesn’t happen, but that’s for another time…

Morning Pain In gluteus maximus…

So, lately I’ve been waking up with pain in the gluteus maximus. To put this in more colloquial terms, when I wake up my ass hurts. This, of course, is probably from doing a very demanding exercise known as the kettlebell squat. And, I’ve noticed that things like pull-ups seem to get my core and back sore also.

But, the anxiety this pain brings. There’s probably no way around that except for passing time. Any pain down low….any pain whatsoever in the lumbar region gets me nervous. Nervous as hell!

I remember all too well the hell of going through life with this chronic and excruciating lumbar misery with pain radiating into the side of my body and my abdomen and through the gluteus maximus. Oh, yes…I remember. I remember all too well! And, I now know what it’s like to walk pain free. And, I LIKE BEING ABLE TO WALK PAIN FREE!

So, when I awaken and feel pain in that lower region…I’ll be honest, it’s scary.

But, what’s been happening is I’ll get up. Go downstairs and turn on the coffee maker. Throw some seed to the birds. Walk up the steps. And, just sort of walk around for a bit. And, then that pain in the lower region starts fading away.

And, I exhale.